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Hamburger food & drinks

A hamburger (or burger for short) is a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground meat (usually beef, but occasionally pork or a combination of meats) usually placed inside a sliced bread roll. Hamburgers are often served ...

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Pita food & drinks

Pita ( /ˈpiːtə/ pee-tə; also pitta ( /ˈpɪtə/ pi-tə) is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. It is prevalent from the Balkans through Turkey, the Levant and the Arabian...

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Baking passion

Baking is the technique of prolonged cooking of food by dry heat acting by convection, and not by radiation, normally in an oven, but also in hot ashes, or on hot stones. It is primarily used for the preparation of bread, cakes...

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Sandwich food & drinks

A sandwich is a food item, typically consisting of two or more slices of bread with one or more fillings between them, or one slice of bread with a topping or toppings, commonly called an open sandwich. Sandwiches are a widely ...

Rabbit other

Rabbits (or, colloquially, bunnies) are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha, found in several parts of the world. There are eight different genera in the family classified as rabbits, including the Eur...

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Falafel food & drinks

Falafel ( /fəˈlɑːfəl/; Arabic: فلافل‎, [falaːfil] ( listen)) is a ball or patty made from ground chickpeas and/or fava beans. Falafel is usually served in a pita, which acts as a pocket, or wrapped in a flatbread known as lafa....

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Toast food & drinks

Toast is bread that has been browned by exposure to radiant heat. This browning is the result of a Maillard reaction. Toasting warms the bread and makes it firmer, so it holds toppings more securely. Toasting is a common method...

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Naan food & drinks

Naan (Persian: نان‎, Hindi: नान, Urdu: نان, Punjabi: ਨਾਨ, Pashto: نان, Uyghur: نان‎, Kurdish: nan) is a leavened, oven-baked flatbread. It is typical of and popular in West, Central and South Asia. Influenced by the large influ...

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Matzo food & drinks

Matzo or matzah (; with many other spellings in English, plural matzot) is an unleavened bread traditionally eaten by Jews during the week-long Passover holiday, when eating chametz—bread and other food which is made with leave...

Open uri20120921 27404 1odaiil
Russian cuisine food & drinks

Russian cuisine () is diverse, as Russia is by area the largest country in the world. Russian cuisine derives its varied character from the vast and multi-cultural expanse of Russia.

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Bunny chow food & drinks

Bunny chow, often referred to as a Bunny is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry, that originated in the Durban Indian community. Bunny chow is also called a kota ("quarter...

Bridge Over Troubled Water is the fifth and final studio album by Simon & Garfunkel. Released on January 26, 1970 on both Quadraphonic and Stereo formats, it reached No. 1 on Billboard Music Charts pop albums list. It won a Gra...

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Open sandwich food & drinks

An open sandwich, also known as an open face/faced sandwich, Ulrich Sandwich, bread baser, or tartine, consists of a single slice of bread with one or more food items on top.

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Finger Food food & drinks

Finger food is food meant to be eaten directly using the hands, in contrast to food eaten with a knife and fork, chopsticks, or other utensils. In some cultures, food is almost always eaten with the hands; for example, Ethiopia...

Open uri20120428 1 1dg67mk
Farina food & drinks

La farina è il prodotto ottenuto dalla macinazione di cereali o di altri prodotti. La semola è una farina di granulometria maggiore dove i singoli componenti sono di forma arrotondata e con presenza di poca polvere. es.: zucche...

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Dough other

Dough is a paste made out of any cereals (grains) or leguminous crops by mixing flour with a small amount of water and/or other liquid. This process is a precursor to making a wide variety of foodstuffs, particularly breads and...

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Bread crumbs food & drinks

Breadcrumbs or bread crumbs (regional variants: breading, crispies) are small particles of dry bread, used for breading or crumbing foods, topping casseroles, stuffing poultry, thickening stews, adding inexpensive bulk to meatl...

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Crouton food & drinks

A crouton is a piece of sautéed or rebaked bread, often cubed and seasoned, that is used to add texture and flavor to salads, notably the Caesar salad, as an accompaniment to soups, or eaten as a snack food. The word crouton is...

Taftan, taftoon or taftun (Persian: تافتون‎) is a leavened flour bread from Persian cuisine, cuisine of Pakistan and cuisine of Uttar Pradesh,[1] baked in a clay oven. It is a Persian word.

Polarbröd passion

Polarbröd is a Swedish bread company. Their head office is in Älvsbyn in northern Sweden. Polarbröd is Sweden's 3rd-biggest bread company. Its typical product is a soft compact bread formed into round, flat shapes. It is also n...

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