Open uri20120308 10887 1dmatgd
Italy place

Italy ( /ˈɪtəli/; Italian: Italia [iˈtaːlja]), officially the Italian Republic (Italian: Repubblica italiana), is a unitary parliamentary republic in south-central Europe. To the north it borders France, Switzerland, Austria an...

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Italian Cuisine food & drinks

Italian cuisine has developed through centuries of social and political changes, with roots as far back as the 4th century BC. Italian cuisine in itself takes heavy influences, including Etruscan, ancient Greek, ancient Roman, ...

Open uri20120308 10887 lnrpoc
Milan place

Milan (Italian: Milano Italian pronunciation: [miˈlaːno] ( listen), Lombard: Milà, Milanese: Milàn listen (help·info)) is a city in Italy and the capital of the region of Lombardy and of the province of Milan. The city proper ...

Open uri20120307 10887 zp7k4
Spaghetti food & drinks

Spaghetti is a long, thin, cylindrical pasta of Italian origin. Spaghetti is made of semolina or flour and water. Italian dried spaghetti is made from durum wheat semolina, but outside of Italy it may be made with other kinds o...

Open uri20120307 10887 ecczb7
Fried calamari food & drinks

Squid is a popular food in many parts of the world. In many of the languages around the Mediterranean sea, squid are referred to by a term related to the Italian "calamari" (singular "calamaro"), which in English has become a c...

Open uri20120310 10887 pfo98i
Arancine food & drinks

Arancini or arancine are fried (or, less commonly, baked) rice balls coated with breadcrumbs, said to have originated in Sicily in the 10th century. Arancine are usually filled with ragù (meat sauce), tomato sauce, mozzarella, ...

Open uri20130405 2 1c3tgb7
Linguine food & drinks

Linguine (also 'linguini') is a form of pasta — flat like fettuccine and trenette. It is wider than spaghetti, about 6mm to 9mm, but not as wide as fettuccine. The name linguine means "little tongues" in Italian, where it is a ...

Open uri20150113 2 1o5ew8z
Buffalo Mozzarella food & drinks

Buffalo mozzarella (Italian: mozzarella di bufala) is a mozzarella made from the milk of the domestic Italian water buffalo. It is a product traditionally produced in Campania, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno...

Open uri20120307 10887 sfhlm5
Pizzoccheri food & drinks

Pizzoccheri are a type of short tagliatelle, a flat ribbon pasta, made with 80% buckwheat flour and 20% wheat flour. When classically prepared in Valtellina or in Graubünden, they are cooked along with greens (often Swiss Chard...

Open uri20120326 1 14b2fbm
Sugo all'amatriciana food & drinks

Sugo all'amatriciana (Italian pronunciation: [amatriˈtʃaːna]) or alla matriciana (in Romanesco) is a traditional Italian pasta sauce based on guanciale (dried pork cheek), pecorino cheese and tomato. Originating from the town o...

Open uri20120308 10887 qqr685
Caffe Latte food & drinks

A latte (from the Italian caffè latte or caffellatte , meaning "coffee [and] milk") is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk.

Open uri20120703 1 glqqi4
Eataly Roma place

Eataly apre a Roma il più grande luogo al mondo dedicato alle eccellenze agroalimentari italiane Descrizione Circa 16.000 metri quadrati dove il cibo di grande qualità sarà esposto e messo in vendita, degustato nei vari risto...

Open uri20130326 2 pwka3l
Sicilian Cuisine food & drinks

Sicilian cuisine shows traces of all the cultures which established themselves on the island of Sicily over the last two millennia. Although its cuisine is predominantly based on Italian cuisine, Sicilian food also has Spanish,...

Open uri20120504 1 1j7bmtb
Cotoletta alla Milanese food & drinks

Cotoletta is an Italian word for a breaded veal cutlet. Cotoletta alla milanese (milanese after its place of origin, Milan) is a fried cutlet similar to Wiener schnitzel, but cookedbone-in. It is fried in clarified butter and t...

Open uri20120927 2 vo98sz
Aglio Olio Peperoncino food & drinks

Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino ("spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and chili peppers" in Italian) is a traditional Italian pasta dish that can be made cheaply without seasonal or store-bought ingredients, said to originate ...

Open uri20140226 2 1ome3tm
Zabaione food & drinks

Zabaione (written also sabayon, or zabajone, Zabaglione, Italian pronunciation: [dzabaʎˈʎoːne] or [dzabaˈjoːne]), is an Italian dessert, or sometimes a beverage, made with egg yolks, sugar, and a sweet wine (usually Marsala win...

Open uri20130913 2 bf0lr1
Antipasto food & drinks

Antipasto (plural antipasti), means "before the meal" and is the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal. Traditional antipasto includes cured meats, olives, peperoncini, mushrooms, anchovies, artichoke hearts, variou... guide to the food, culture, history and traditions of the Italian regions since 2000. Only the very best bite sized portions of travel information.

Open uri20130912 2 1vuv9fk
Frico food & drinks

A frico, known in America as a cheese crisp, is an Italian food, typical of Friuli, which consists of a wafer of shredded cheese with a bit of flour, baked or fried until crisp. The cheeses include Montasio, Parmesan or mozzare...

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