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Open uri20120307 10887 1mri8we
Traveling passion

10 random things I loved about São Paolo (& Soracaba) do Brazil

{{'2015-08-30 12:10:30 UTC' | timeago}} - circleme.com

This summer I visited Brazil for my second time. First time I was there it was about six years ago, and I naturally d...

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Opera passion

Opera for children

{{'2014-12-08 13:51:37 UTC' | timeago}} - circleme.com

From this season the most famous opera house in the world, the Teatro alla Scala, guarantees fun for all the family, ...

Drupal other

how to leverage the Message Stack to build an activity stream

{{'2014-12-04 10:56:34 UTC' | timeago}} - circleme.com

A few weeks after DrupalCon in Amsterdam, on 14 and 15 November in Milan the Drupal Day 2014 has been held, a nationa...

Open uri20120308 10887 1bmmyws
Fashion passion

Fashion Infographic (November 2014)

{{'2014-12-02 11:13:10 UTC' | timeago}} - circleme.com

CircleMe is the best platform to stay updated with any interest you have in life and to get in touch with people who ...

Open uri20120307 10887 1tz7nqu
Lamb music

Lamb: a pleasant surprise

{{'2014-11-20 14:11:58 UTC' | timeago}} - circleme.com

Last night, motivated by my girlfriend's excitement, I went to a concert by the duo (in fact trio, if we consider the...

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