Do you desire to keep up to date with all your interests in life? Would you like to receive news, videos, posts about your passions. Have you ever wanted to share a good movie, book or event with a friend or to know when your favorite rock band is coming to town?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CircleMe is for you!

CircleMe is the best way to keep you up to date with all your passions in life.

With CircleMe, you can get inspired to "connect" more deeply with the things you love so that on one side you get interesting content in return, and on the other you interact with people who share your same passions.


  • Like 1M+ different interests
  • Create your own passions
  • Read updated content related to your Likes: 50k+ new articles/posts per month
  • Trust people who have your same interests and follow them
  • Add things to your personal To do list
  • Discover new things that you may like and people with similar interests
  • Plant: create or discover geo-located content related to your interests




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    free songs to our most
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    Never miss an event close to you,
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    Our nifty technology can learn quickly about you and suggest some cool new interests to discover.
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    Gabriele Renzi

    Gabriele Renzi

    Head of Technology

    Code Monkey, Professional Student, Geek.

    Giu D'Antonio

    Giuseppe D'Antonio

    Founder & CEO

    Futurist at heart, I love crazy ideas and technologies. Passionate about theatre, musicals, dancing and any other type of performing art. Attentive to innovation in academia.

    elena ciampella

    Elena Ciampella

    Social Media and Content Manager

    'm a mum, always on the run, proud CircleMe team member, hopeless addicted to opera and dark chocolate!

    Tiafijgool Duartge

    Tiago Duarte

    Mobile Engineer

    The meeting point of technology, esotericism and rap.

    Jelly Dipasupil

    Jelly Dipasupil

    Social Media and Content Manager

    A passionate and devoted language learner, who thinks language is the key to the world. Chocolate lover, food lover. Singing (even if I can't carry a tune) and dancing, 2 passions that leads to Music, a companion in life, accompanied with love.

    Stefano Salvucci

    Stefano Salvucci

    Back-End Engineer

    Always learning, interested in discovering and enjoying new things. I'm a very rational person, that's why I love doing crazy stuff.

    Paolo Corti

    Paolo Corti

    Front-End Engineer

    I'm code addicted, a tech passionate, a mountain lover.


    Michael Burnett

    Michael Burnett


    Native of the Silicon Valley. Experience: Yahoo!, Cisco and Apple and 10 years in investment banking (NYC, London, SV) having closed more than 50 deals with technology and media transactions totaling more than $25 billion.

    Stefano Molino

    Stefano Molino


    Stefano is Partner at Innogest SGR SpA. Board member in TheBlogTV, Stereomood, Beintoo, 40SouthEnergy. Master of Science (summa cum laude) in Engineering & Management; Ph.D from Polytechnic University in Milan.


    Javier Galán

    Javier Galán

    Social Media Wizard. Passionate about all things Marketing and Politics. Coffee addicted (best enjoyed with a large excel file!)

    Lais Kantor

    Lais Kantor

    creative mind, designer and art director making the interest-platform shine!

    Laura D'Angelo

    Laura D'Angelo

    getting the social media vibes flowing.

    SY Franzago

    Simona Franzago

    early-adopter of the curation program; curator of indie-films, documentaries, and more...

    Susant Bastakoti

    Susant Bastakoti

    marketing opportunities cool-hunter; USA is my territory! :)

    circleme team
    Some key circlers are missing from this picture. They were working too hard the day we too it and could not get up from their chairs! :)


    Do you want to be part of the Team?

    We are always looking for bright people to work with, so if you think what we are working on is interesting (and cool!)
    send us a note at and let us know why you’d like to join the team.
    Here you can also view the positions currently open here.


    CircleMe's goal is to provide all our users with the best and most personalised content experience on the Internet. For this reason, if you believe you have interesting content for our users, we want to work with you! If you think your content would be appreciated by our users' community, contact us!

    Integrating your content feeds is easy, and immediately hundreds of thousands of users will receive your content based on the interests they have expressed on CircleMe.

    Below the three types of content we look for:

    Articles, news, posts, videos, audio

    If you are a publisher and want to reach readers specifically interested in the topics you cover, connect your feed to CircleMe's platform, and we will get your content delivered specifically to people who care to read/view/hear it!

    To integrate with CircleMe easily you only need a news feed in either RSS or Atom format, but for the best results you need to ensure that your pages are optimized for web crawlers.

    If your site follows the Facebook Best Practices and implements the Open Graph metatags already you probably don't need to do anything, if not it may makes sense to use those even if you don't want to integrate with CircleMe.

    updates feed

    If interested in partnering with us, just contact us by filling the form below


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    Events (worldwide)

    CircleMe is able to populate a Personal Calendar for each of its users, based on their interests. The events are shown on the calendar also based on the location of the user. Furthermore, CircleMe suggests to the user who else would appreciate going to the same event with them, and provides also a 'reminder' feature.


    If interested in partnering with us, just contact us by filling the form below


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    Geo-localized Content

    On CircleMe, partners like you create 'plant collections', which are geo-located content cards that users will discover as they walk through a specific part of town, of course always based on their specific interests. You can plant touristic information, sales opportunities, event locations, etc. It's up to you and your creativity!


    If interested in partnering with us, just contact us by filling the form below


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    CircleMe provides an API set which allows to received in real-time interest-profiles of users logged in with CircleMe who visit your site. This way, you will be able to provide these users with a very unique experience on site, by knowing in real-time what they are interested in and providing content and services based on this interest-profile. If you'd like to integrate these API's (provided for FREE), please click the button below. You can also visit our dedicated page for details on the process to get the API's authorization and learn how to implement them.


    In CircleMe every user can become an ambassador for any passion, helping other Circlers to discover interesting and relevant content.

    We realize though that many of our users are actually really passionate about a specific topic and so we want to give them the opportunity to get involved in our project first-hand so that many users of our platform can benefit from the curator's interests and topic knowledge and socialize in the meantime with people sharing similar tastes.


    Any user of CircleMe can become a curator. They just have to submit a request, with a little motivation for wanting to curate a specific passion. Curators in CircleMe commit towards the community to add relevant content to the passion on a periodical basis. The benefit of curating the passion allows the Circler to become the point of contact and coordinator of the communication around one specific passion. All content suggested by the curator will then be distributed to thousands of users around the globe that share that same interest, or even related ones.


  • You will easily identify which one is a curated passion, through this special label. If you find a passion without this label, feel free to apply for it!
  • Our curators will show a badge next to their avatars. If you mouse over it, you'll be able to see also which passions they are curating.


  • Choose the passion you'd like to curate and contact our team (by filling the form below)
  • Once assigned to the passion as curator, you can start enriching it with great content.
  • Do not worry, we will send you a short e-guide on how to be an awesome Curator.


    Interested in becoming the curator of one specific passion you feel you care about? Great! Fill this simple form below, requesting the item(s) you'd like to curate and our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Note: you will be able to curate a maximum of 5 passions concurrently

    If you are a business, or would like to curate more than 5 passions concurrently, please reach out to our team at to learn about our premium offers.

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