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Mariano Cuajao
wrote a post
Just read an interesting article regarding why we add fluoride to our water. I've always been told it was to avoid tooth decay and I believed it. But now I'm wondering why: Most developed countries do not fluoridate their water? Why fluoridated countries do not have less tooth decay than non-fluoridated countries and why this supplement added to our water has never been approved by the FDA?

Most of the water supply in Europe is not subject to fluoridation. About the mineral water, a Directive of 2003, 2003/40/EC requires the indication of the fluoride concentrations higher than 1.5 milligrams / liter. However, does not impose a limit to the concentration of fluorine which may be pr...

10 years ago

Hi Simo, Thanks for your info. It helps point out that most developed countries do not fluoridate their water. The USA does it to prevent tooth decay but we don't have less tooth decay. Now my question is who is making money selling fluoride? Take care!

10 years ago

HI Mariano that's a good question ...I dont know so we have to louch a sort of investigation! ;)

10 years ago

Hi Simo, I understand that China is the lowest bidder for some cities in the USA. It just seems like another reason to spend money the USA doesn't have. But, so be it! Take care!

10 years ago

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