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CircleMe launched on iOS 10

It's ON! Download CircleMe iOS app and start to immerse yourself in your interests wherever you are! With CircleMe iOS App you have all your likes at your fingertips, with the latest news and articles on anything you care about.

You will be able to enjoy geo-located features to connect your interests to real life!

ios login page

Your CircleMe control board

Customize your CircleMe profile page with pictures and information about you! Here's what you can do:

  • Update information about you and connect with social media accounts
  • Manage your Likes, To-Dos and Activities
  • See your trusted people and send messages to them
  • Check your Reach statistics
ios profile page
ios main feed page

News & Content
focused on your interests

This is the heart of the app. In this section you will read the latest news regarding your Likes. Thousands per day!
Check any update and:

  • Expand the content card to read all details about the news
  • Add comments to the posts or post a new content yourself
  • Rate posts with Up-votes
  • Down-vote irrelevant content (or signal FAKE NEWS!)
  • Share the content on social media
ios interest page

Where you can find
all about your passion

This is the page dedicated to your interest, either a movie star, a pop singer, a writer or also a book or a city. You have 1 million of these to choose from!
On an Interest page you can:

  • Add it to your Likes
  • Add pictures, video, articles, make comments
  • Rate a post if you like it
  • Geo-locate this interest on a map for any reason (so that others can discover it)
  • Add the interest to your To-Do list (i.e., things you want to learn more about)
  • Suggest the interest to other users
ios calendar page

Just relevant events

CircleMe understands what you are interested in (Like) and what you want to discover (To-Do) and will create your uniquely crafted calendar, based on your profile and the location you choose.

You can then mark these events, set reminders, or even act by getting the tickets for the event. 70,000 events to choose from for more than 6,500+ locations around the world.


Discover what the CircleMe
community is up to

Go to the TRUSTED section where you will find all the activities done by people you trust on the platform.

Go to the MESSAGES section to engage with any user you like in private conversations, sharing interests, news and anything you like.

ios communication center page
ios plants page

Drag your interests into real life

Plants are like 'pins' on a map that every user can add or see. With the app you will be able to:

You can then mark these events, set reminders, or even act by getting the tickets for the event. 70,000 events to choose from for more than 6,500+ locations around the world.

  • Explore collections of plants in all major cities in the world
  • Place any interest on a map, pinning it as a 'plant'
  • Discover plants about your interests, which other users will have placed on the map
  • Add comments to a plant to start a conversation with other Circlers

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