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Your memories are negotiable: How science is making “Eternal Sunshine” a reality — salon.com

“My name is Joel Barish and I am here to erase Clementine Kruczynski,” declares Joel to Dr. Mierzwiak, the head of a local memory erasure clinic, Lacuna Inc. Joel has just been through a bad break-up with Clementine, and he was stunned to find out that she had him removed from her memory. Spiteful, Joel rushes to Lacuna to have her removed off his memory. As the procedure takes hold, Joel gets cold feet but it is too late: The memories of Clementine slowly fade away. Then one day, a new Joel with no Clementine left in mind, skips work on a whim and takes a train to a beach in Long Island. Only to meet Clementine, again, for the first time. Rinse and repeat.

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