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19 recipe ideas for leftover onions — theguardian.com

A few years ago, my neighbour and I decided to pool our resources in order to save money. We both wanted to shop “smarter” and more sustainably. Since between us we were regularly feeding six or seven people, it seemed like a good idea to buy certain foodstuffs in bulk, such as rice, flour and potatoes. By and large this has been a success. We have saved on all sorts of things, from the journeys needed to buy the food to the packaging itself, as by buying in bulk there was less to throw away. And it turned out that our local greengrocer was happy to deliver bags of produce when he was making his commercial deliveries; we only had to ask. So I wasn’t entirely surprised to come home to a large bag of onions sitting in my porch. What did surprise me was the size. My neighbour had ordered a 25kg bag of onions. 25kg! That is by any standard quite a large bag.

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