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The Wonder Woman Movie Will Go In A Different Direction Than We Thought — cinemablend.com

Warning: What follows may be considered spoilers to some (if it actually turns out to be true). If you don't wish to know any big details about the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, please click on another one of our site's wonderful articles! This new information comes from unnamed sources over at Bleeding Cool who clam to have read the greenlit treatment for the Wonder Woman movie at Warner Bros. According to the rumor, the first half of the film will be set on Paradise Island (Wonder Woman's home) where factions have gone to war over political control. This chaos is interrupted by the arrival of a man (possibly not Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor) who pleads the Amazonians for help, and changes the culture just with his presence. Eventually, Wonder Woman (or, really, Princess Diana at that point) agrees to join him to the return home - and it's at this point that the audience learns that the story is set in the 1920s. Given that this was an era utterly lacking in any kind of gender equality, it presents an interesting culture clash that Diana will have to overcome.

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