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5 Insane Young Adult Novels With Disturbing Messages — cracked.com

Critics say the Twilight novels are nothing more than porn for tweens. And more than just prematurely stirring loins, the relationship between Edward the 104-year-old high school student and Bella the clingy, awkward teen is about as healthy as a two-pack-a-day habit. Of heroin. Wikicommons Heroin comes in packs, right? Even though Edward's dropping red flags like an overworked official at a Tony Stewart sprint, his overbearing and controlling nature, coupled with his jealous rages, are taken as signs of love and commitment by Bella. The concern that the series idealizes abusive relationships and promotes sexism is understandable, but Twilight's not the only example of questionable content created for impressionable youth. There's a long standing tradition of trashy "young adult" novels filling the minds of prepubescents with lusty thoughts and ambiguous moral messages.

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3 years ago

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