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“It was ill-advised, unfunny and not brand-appropriate”: The “Fifty Shades”-inspired ad campaign too hot for Domino’s — salon.com

Pizza is one of the easiest products to sell — literally, all you have to do is show me a picture of melt-y, greasy ‘za and I’ll automatically blackout order several large stuffed crusts with a side of garlic knots “for later.” Any idiot could sell a pizza. Many idiots do sell pizza. So why did an ad agency pitch the least appetizing advertisement we’ve ever seen? The premise of the advertisement run for Domino’s Israel’s newest addition to the menu — Sriracha Pizza — is that the spiciness of the topping will hurt so good, or something along those lines. So, instead of, I don’t know, showing a picture of the pizza and letting us decide if it looks okay (it probably does), they decided to rig a tongue up in bondage gear.

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