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Attention, Filmmakers: Apply to These Short Film Grants —

By Travis Clark | Indiewire Tue Feb 17 14:31:04 EST 2015 The Davey Foundation is once again offering aspiring writers and filmmakers the chance to produce their own films by delivering three short film grants this year. The Davey Foundation was founded last year in honor of David Ross Fetzer, the Salt Lake City-based actor known for his work in indie projects such as "Must Come Down" and "Point B." Fetzer was committed to helping up-and-coming independent filmmakers and the foundation aims to continue his legacy.

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Thanks for sharing this Simona, I'm sure those interested in films will appreciate this!

5 years ago

;) yes.....i hope it will be appreciated. I have lot of friend filmmakers I used to work as a documentary and independent film producer! ;))

5 years ago

That really sounds interesting. Definitely the right curator then!

5 years ago
5 years ago

I'm now helping my best friend Anna Recalde for the festival distribution of her film Power and Impotence a Drama in 3 Acts it's on circle me ! She was In Equador Festival, Turio Film Festival next will be FIGRA festival du Réportage ! ;) Let's go on with filmmaker community ;)

5 years ago

Sounds fab Simofranzy ! Maybe we could do something on CircleMe with your friend. Perhaps a Q&A session or something like that? You could manage the Q&A session as Curator that you are. We could help you out :-)

5 years ago

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