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82 Thoughts You Have When You Watch "Labyrinth" For The First Time — buzzfeed.com

Our co-workers were horrified that we’d never seen the film Labyrinth before, so naturally, they forced us to watch it. Here’s what we thought… 1. What is this movie about? 2. Sarah is angsty as hell. So, an accurate depiction of a 14 year old, really. 3. Her house is very nice. 4. And her step-mother’s outfit is glam af. 5. Jennifer Connelly is such a bitch. 6. Seriously, what an angsty teenager. 7. Though tbh I was exactly like that at 14. 8. Or however old she’s supposed to be. 9. I’m having flashbacks to all the times I behaved like a brat like this. 10. Is her mother dead? I feel like they should address that? 11. I guess they’re trying to make her like the poor orphans in all the fairtytales. 12. These goblins though… 13. But real talk, who actually summons goblins to stop their brother from crying?

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