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Why Natalia Vodianova Is So Much More Than a Supermodel — vogue.com

Though she is almost 4,000 miles away in Paris, speaking through a static-ridden international call, model Natalia Vodianova still manages to radiate a rare sort of otherworldy warmness. You see, a typical phone interview with a model—especially one of Vodianova’s stature—means a strict talking-to beforehand from their agent, a designated time limit, a reminder of their client’s extremely busy schedule, the sudden suggestion that their client is actually boarding a flight and so your ten minutes might actually be five before the flight attendant steps in. This is not the case with Vodianova. There are no agents, no time limits—just an honest vibration in her voice that seems to weave in and out through the poor phone connection. But after all, aside from her many modeling accomplishments (gracing the cover of Vogue, a lengthy contract with Calvin Klein, an industry-wide obsession over her seeming agelessness and idealized features), the supermodel powerhouse is also the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation, a philanthropic organization that focuses on children with disabilities in Russia. Tomorrow, on February 24, Vodianova will be teaming up with Karlie Kloss (whom Vodianova describes as “a fresh person who is entering the world of philanthropy in a strong way”) to throw a fundraiser coined “The World’s First Fabulous Fund Fair,” in London to benefit the cause. With a guest list that includes the likes of designer Stella McCartney (on hand to make vegetarian hot dogs), Pat McGrath (face painting, of course), and Suzy Menkes (fashion fortune telling!), plus a photo booth with Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the event is sure to be star-studded. “It is turning out to be quite the fabulous fair. It’s definitely a fundraiser—and it is very glamorous,” Vodianova says. But that’s not exactly the point.

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