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Tenacious D F***ing Rocks!

So few days ago I went to see a concert by the crazy and awesome Tenacious D (alias Jack Black and Kyle Gass). I love this Rock Band duo, and I will tell you three reasons why you should love them too! But, first of all, a picture I took of the show and that I really like.
alt text

So, you want to hear my three reasons for not missing them next time they are in town? OK sure...

1) They >Really< Rock! In an age of all sorts of cheap pop music, boring songs, tunes which seem we have already heard a thousand times, these guys put up a show of classic rock with 2 guitars and their screaming (but perfectly in tune) voices. Their music just makes you want to nod stronger and stronger - in no time, you will find yourself jumping with all the ones around you, showing to all your devilish hand signs.

2) The Have Freaking Character! Gass is a very talented guitarist with an awesome sense of humour. Jack Black, well, he is Jack Black. He is amazing. Never seen a singer put so much energy and interpretation together in a performance. Together, they are a bomb on stage. Did you know that they met long time ago in 1989, in Edinburgh? First time they met, they didn't like each other actually, it seems, both wanting to get the leading role in some sort of Actor's band. Interesting how then they become such good friends and a perfect duo on stage, right?!?

3) They Will Rock Your Night! If you go to one of their concerts, I bet you will not be disappointed. Sure, better when they put up a crazy fireworks type of show (like the one in 2012) but even the one on tour now is great entertainment, even though it is an "unplugged" sort of thing. [I admit it though, I like them more with all the fireworks and stuff on stage :)]. They entertain though also because they put up a little show between songs, because they are irreverent, because their songs are good music and lyrics, but yet totally funny and politically un-correct.

In this picture, well, they are in the middle of one of those little shows they put up :)
alt text

So, here it is... 3 reasons why next time Tenacious D comes to your town, you should listen to my advise and go see the freaking awesome show they put up! Then you tell if I were right or not. ;)


I was in Milano a couple weeks ago and almost made it to the concert. Regretting not having done so ;/

9 years ago

Been at their concert few weeks ago, and I must admit I agree on all 3 reasons! :)

9 years ago

This guys are AWESOME! And even better are the lyrics and videoclip like this hehe

TENACIOUS D - Kickapoo

The radical Kickapoo video from THE PICK OF DESTINY...featuring MEAT LOAF!

9 years ago

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