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Everything You Need To Know About The World's Biggest Dinosaurs — buzzfeed.com

Sorry for this really shitty picture. I didn’t realize how shitty it was until this moment. If you are wondering if it was scary standing in front of this dinosaur, the answer is YES. I’m no fool, I know a T-rex is no house pet! I don’t know why he’s sad. Maybe it’s because all his friends are dead. I’m not your dad, but I make jokes like him! I was the only person older than 11 in the Dino Dig. I asked a child what I was supposed to be doing since although it seems self explanatory, the instructions were unclear. He said “there are rocks with dinosaur names on it. If you find one you get a prize!” SAY NO MORE KID (I started digging). Around me children were finding rocks with names on them, and I was coming up empty handed. I was bitter and angry and had sand in my shoes. I left with nothing.

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