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Amanda Seyfried Has Conflicting Emotions About How You Use Instagram — jezebel.com

A matronly, 29-year old Amanda Seyfried thinks you younguns need to lay off the 'Grammin'. "[Younger people] spend the entire day on Instagram, and they also take pictures of themselves and post them all the time with a veiled brag," she told Us Weekly. "It's sad." Boastful, egocentric dogs featured frequently in Seyfried's account, though, are cool, as is "hip" Taylor Swift's Instagram account. Heidi Montag wore some sort of athletic tape on her arm to a premiere, which she describes as "cool" but I think serves as an awkward distraction for the fact that she probably should have worn a strapless bra under that tank top. Medical tape, though: great way to get sympathy from onlookers after you've donated blood and/or had a doctor appointment and your arm is all swabbed up with gauze. [Us Weekly]

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