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Here’s Matthew Weiner’s wish list of what to wrap up before the Mad Men finale — avclub.com

For a show that juggled as many character storylines as Mad Men did, its finale was fairly generous with giving most of them satisfying resolutions. But of course, there wasn’t room to fit in closure for everyone and still have enough time for Don Draper to stare morosely at all the empty rooms he needed to stare at. As Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican revealed at a recent panel with the show’s writers, even Matthew Weiner and his staff drafted a “wish list” of people they’d like to see again and plot points they hoped to resolve before the end. Unfortunately, only about half of them made it on screen. But for those who have long wondered what happened to closeted art director Salvatore “Sal” Romano after he was fired in season three, rest assured that Weiner and Co. wondered as well. They didn’t do anything about it, of course. But hey, we never got to pretend like we cared about Harry’s divorce, either.

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