How to Maximize Your Strength Workout with Full-Body Movements — blog.anytimefitness.com

While strength training benefits are well documented, it’s easy to become frustrated if you stop seeing significant progress week-to-week. Continuing to reap the rewards from a strength training program requires change! But don’t let that scare you. Spicing up your routine by adding some new moves to your workouts should do the trick. And we’ve got just the plan to help you do that! Before you dive into the workouts we have created to help break through your plateaus, be sure you have a solid foundation. If you haven’t lifted weights before or seen a weight machine or a dumbbell in quite some time, it’s important to ease into a regular weight-lifting program. Beginning with a straight forward, machine-based weight lifting routine is the perfect way to stay injury-free while building confidence. Machines allow you to focus on form, add weight slowly, and acclimate to moving more than just your body weight. After a few weeks, you can step up your program to include free weight type exercises. This will keep you moving toward your goals!

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Great tip! I will totally try it.

7 years ago

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