How the Dynamic Learning Project sparks a love of technology in schools —

This fall, students at my school officially got their own laptops. It signified a shift in our school culture, and we wanted to make sure that our teachers could meaningfully use this technology in their lessons. Our teachers needed someone in their corner who could encourage them, guide them, and celebrate their progress. Just like our students are supported by our teachers, our teachers needed a coach of their own. Thanks to the Dynamic Learning Project, I was able to become that coach . I’m so grateful to have this opportunity support teachers on their journeys with technology, and we’ve achieved so much together in our first year. Here are a few things I’ve learned in my time with the Dynamic Learning Project. 1. It's all about the relationships. As I frequently remind myself, none of us is better alone. Exchanging ideas and building relationships between coaches, veteran teachers, new teachers, and researchers helps us all uncover better ways to serve our students. When we create trusting communities where we can transparently share what we’ve learned—the good and the bad—we set the foundation for success.

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google has some very rich people n try to play god through the huge google machine yet 3/4 of planet is in poverty

1 year ago

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