Peugeot E-Legend concept is an electric take on a classic coupe — autoblog.com

Design-wise, the closest connection between the E-Legend and its 504 inspiration is the roofline. It has the same trapezoidal shape with sharp corners. The thin pillars and large glass area are classic, too. The long nose and shorter rear deck also tie the two together. Modern Peugeot design comes in primarily with the lighting. It has simple but aggressive front and rear fascias that have a connection to current Peugeots such as the gorgeous 508 sedan and wagon. The rear in particular with its diagonal slashes of light is a signature Peugeot design. Inside, angular, modern design, another hallmark of current Peugeots, is melded with Paldao wood trim for a classic feel. The memory foam seats also have classic car looks with the vertically-oriented top stitching and integrated head restraints.

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