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Remi NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY FORMER MOE MATH & SCI TEACHER I am Mr. Teo, a full-time tutor with Master of Education from NIE and Certified Google Educator. I have over 10 years of experience in tutoring and have taught full-t...ime in MOE schools for 7 years. When time permits, I conduct Math/Science Olympiad Workshops and other enrichment programs (e.g. Scratch Coding) in schools. I believe my qualifications and experience have equipped me with the necessary teaching skills to work with my current pool of students from various Primary and Secondary schools, as well as International schools. My greatest achievement thus far is guiding a student who was failing in tests to eventually enrolling herself into the Inte[more..] Yih Lun Henry NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Henry has five years of teaching experience in PSLE, GCE O Level, IGCSE, Olympiad, and IBDP. Throughout his teaching experience, he has helped many students in PSLE to get A*, O Level to achieve... As in both A and E Maths, as well as Biology, Chemistry, and Higher Chinese. IGCSE students were also under his guidance and went on to achieve A or A* in Math and Sciences. Students reading Higher Level Biology and Chemistry as well as Standard Level Mathematics at IBDP have also done well under his tutelage, achieving 6 or 7 points for their examinations. Henry is a former recipient of High Distinction and Distinction awards in the University of New South Wales Science Competition and th[more..] Teh Yicai NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE ## Summary : 10 years tutoring experience. Specialise in upp sec Physics, E Maths; English and Chinese. #### Testimonials : 1 student O level com...b Physics *B4 to A1* - Gan Eng Seng Sec Sch, Year 2015. 1 student O level E Maths *E8 to A1* - Greenview Sec Sch, Year 2014 to 2016. #### Relevant Experience : # Previously taught numerous O level Physics, comb Physics students, 1 from Bedok area ( D7 to B3 ), 1 from Chung Cheng High (Main) ( D7 to A2 ), 1 from Crescent Girls School ( D7 to B3 ) ( chose to go poly, then uni ), 1 from Khatib area ( went on to ITE, then poly ), 1 from Pasir Ris Sec ( C5 t[more..] Kar Woon NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE I have an avid interest in math and chemistry and the thirst for seeking out new knowledge. In my Junior college years, I have clinched a silver in the Singapore chemistry olympiad and a distinc...tion in the Rio Tinto Big science competition in 2008. In 2009, I won a distinction in the Nanyang Concept Test. In my Secondary years, I represented my school in 2006 Singapore Statistical Poster Competition and clinched merit for it. I also joined the Australian maths competition in 2004 and 2006, clinching certificates of credit and high distinction respectively. I have taught O levels and A levels Math to many students and am confident to teach Math Olympiad. I believ[more..] Crystal NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE I am keen and passionate teach students to help them to improve academically. I have good experience with Secondary school Math and JC Math. Currently, I am currently tutoring Sec 4 E M...ath, A Math and JC2 H2 Mathematics for are studying in CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ and Raffles Institution respectively. I have previously tutored Sec 4 pure Chemistry, pure Biology, and pure Physics (SCGS IP programme, and private GCE O’ Level student). I am currently an undergraduate student studying Medicine in NUS (Year 4). [more..] Desmond Stanford University (PhD), University of Illinois I have had multiple tutoring and teaching experiences over the past 10+ years with over 200 students, all the way from primary school to university level (including IB) in both individual and group se...ttings. I mainly teach maths and science due to my education history. All of my students have experienced significant grade improvements in major examinations (a few even jumped from failing to A grade). Besides tutoring, I am also a scholar from a government agency, a science education consultant at Hwa Chong Institution, and lectured at Stanford University. Academically, I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University (top 3 in the world) with a perfect GPA (4.0/4.0) for both my [more..] Kwang Boon Dennis NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE I have more than 8 years experience teaching various O level Maths and Science subjects and 1 year experience teaching A level Maths. As I have excelled in my studies (9 A1s for O Levels, and 4 A...s for A levels), I know what it takes to do well in the subject. Thus I am able to share this with the students I am teaching. Below is a summary of some the achievements of my students - 1 students improved from D7 in combined Sci to A1 in the O levels - 1 student improved from D7 in combined Sci to A2 in the O levels - 1 student improved from a class ranking of 30+ in the sec 4 mid year exams to a ranking 3 in the prelims in sec 4. - 1 student achieved a grade of A2 in N Levels, - 2 stude[more..] Amanda Singapore Management Universiry I'm a current full-time tutor specialising in O Level Math and Science and I’m also familar with the IB syllabus. All of my students have had improvements in their grades for major exams, major...ity achieving As and high Bs. I’m committed to help students understand and grasp the key concepts and principles behind the subjects they are learning. I have performed well myself at GCE A and O levels, and was awarded a scholarship with the largest professional services firm in Singapore which I have joined for four years after graduation, working on accounting and tax for multinational conglomerates and large financial institutions. I am currently a full-time tutor to engage in face-to-fac[more..] Ming Liang RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE Relevant Experience: Taught Maths for Primary 3, 4, 5, Sec 2, 3 & 4, JC 1, 2 and IB Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Taught Science for Pri 3, 4, 5, Sec 1, 2, IP year 2 and 3. Taught Chemi...stry for Sec 3, Sec 4, IP year 3 and IB Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12. Taught Biology for Sec 3, Sec 4, IP year 3 and IB Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12. Taught Physics for Sec 3, Sec 4, IP year 3 and IGCSE Grade 9, 10 and 11. I strongly believe in a balanced lifestyle where the individual can live life to its fullest by working hard and playing hard. Playing basketball and guitar are my favourite hobbies. I also have other relevant experiences such as being the Section Leader of the Victoria School Chine[more..] Eugene Kheng University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Tutored physics in Singapore for 2 years, 6 students Taught undergraduate Engineering courses at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2 years, lectured and lead small group discussions, 100+ students Ai...m to have students understand material graduate student research assistant[more..] Kang Liang HWA CHONG INSTITUTION I have recently finished my National Service and am looking to continue giving tuition in my spare time. When I was in junior college, I used to volunteer at my secondary school to give tuition to students to pass on the goodwill that my seniors started. I have also taught tuition privately to a few students ranging from secondary school to junior college students and have seen them improve to achieve the grades that they wanted. My strengths lie in Math and Science, leaning more towards Physics for the Science part, and I believe I can help strengthen my students' foundation for these subjects as well as to develop their answering techniques.[more..] Ming Jie HWA CHONG INSTITUTION Have one year of experience tutoring upper secondary maths, one student. Student has shown great improvement at exams. Teaching method I believe that teaching should pbe personalised to the stu...dent's learning style as well as the parents' expectations. Need to patiently go through the learning process with the student to ensure that he/she is able to articulate those concepts themselves under exam conditions, where there is no tutor to prompt them in the right direction. DSTA JC Scholarship Hwa Chong Diploma with Distinction Outstanding Student Award Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad Silver Singapore Astronomy Olympiad Silver[more..] Soo Tong NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE I have 20 months of experience teaching in Republic Polytechnic and giving tuition in 2 tuition centres, which span over a period of 13 years. In Republic Polytechnic I was facilitator for Mathematics... and Enterprise Skills and I taught around 100 students using Problem Based Learning as advocated by Republic Polytechnic. In SmartLab Education Centre I taught around 40 students in the following levels/subjects: 1) Secondary 1 to 4 Mathematics 2) Secondary 1 and 2 Science 3) Secondary 3 and 4 Physics 4) Secondary 3 and 4 Combined Science In Brilliant Stars Education Centre I taught 1 student in Secondary 3 Combined Science. Generally, the grades of my students improved by 1 or 2 grades. Other [more..] Wei Xiong NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Able to have the tuition at my place at postal code 561591. I have straight As for my A levels (Maths Further Maths Chemistry and Physics) with S paper in maths and chemistry (from VJC), and straight... As for my O levels for Maths, Physics and Chemistry (from Victoria School). I have 12 years of tutoring experience mainly teaching upper secondary and JC maths physics and chemistry. I have about more than 30 students over my tutoring experience. Most of my students are able to jump at least 2 grades for their final exams.[more..] Emmanuel RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE I am currently 19 years old and serving National Service. In Raffles Institution, I was consistently on the Dean’s List for Math, Physics and Chemistry, and achieved 8 As for A level subjects (H...1 General Paper, H1 Project Work, H2 Economics, H2 Math, H2 Chemistry, H2 Physics, H3 Math and H3 Physics) for the A level examinations. In secondary school, I tutored a classmate after curriculum hours which saw his A and E math improve from F9 to A1, and chemistry from C6 to A1. I would be available for tuition of primary, secondary or tertiary students, including online assistance.[more..] WANG JUE University 4 YEAR EXPERIENCE
 I HAVE TAUGHT 4 JC STUDENT H2 CHEMISTRY, Among them, RESULTS of two students IMPROVED FR...OM D TO A. one from E to A, one from S to B
 I HAVE TAUGHT 6 JC STUDENT H2 MATHEMATICS, Amongt them, RESULS of four IMPROVED FROM D/E/S TO A, one improved from U to C and one from U to B
 I AM IN HWA CHONG MATHS AND SCIENCE TALENT PROGRAMME I WON PRIZE IN MATHEMATICS OLYMPIAD I HAVE TAKEN NUS H3 PROGRAMME, LINEAR ALGEBRA[more..] Wen Zhe RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE I am a graduate from RI (JC) and have just finished National Service. I am confident in my knowledge and mastery with the content knowledge. More so, I am able to transmit these essential skill s...ets to you/ your child. Although many tutors alike have received various awards and accolades, I differ from the rest as I am able to teach. Tutoring and learning are two different aspects and I am certain that my teaching methods will allow you/ your child to gain the most out of each lesson. I have received various awards such as the MOE Edusave Scholarship and Bursaries. Moreover, I have been awarded the DSTA JC Scholarship in 2014 and was able to renew for 2015, owing to my consistent [more..] Natalie NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE As Marine Parade is quite a distance from my home and the hospitals I have to frequent in Jun 2019- May 2020, I would like to request to conduct tuition @ Bishan/ Serangoon area, along the Circle Line.... 
 I have had experience teaching H2 Biology for 6 months at Hwa Chong Institution (JC) in 2017 (on invitation by the Bio HOD) after my completion of A Level results, before my University Admission into Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. After the teaching stint, I have continued to help individuals weak in O and A level sciences and mathematics to improve their scores, such as from C5 to A1/ A2 @ O level examinations and from E to A @ A level examinations. I was also part of the IP progra[more..] Kenneth NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE I have been teaching tuition since I enlisted into the army as a NSF, so it has been 5 years so far. I have taught about 15 students in total, teaching Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics to A level an...d O level students. Most of the students that come for help were initially weak and did not have a good grasp of concepts, and my teaching style involves breaking down the concepts into easy to understand parts to allow my students to grasp them more easily. Moreover, I use worksheets, tutorials and past year papers to ensure my students apply the concepts and internalise them. From them previously failling, most of them acheive As and Bs at the end of the year. I am an approachable a[more..] Alvin NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE Name: Koh wee Chong Alvin Age: 38 Highest Qualification: Bachelor of science with merits School Attended: NUS Relevant Results: Distinctions for all subject I taught Tutoring Experience (in years): 12... Preferred times slot & available timings: Flexible. Brief description of your experience: 1) Familiar with various types of teaching methodology, syllables and exam formats regarding from SAT, IB, A/O level to IGSCE. 2) Taught in various educational centers and international schools. 3) My specialties are in Physics and all branches of Mathematics. I have written physics guide book and SAT math practice book for Fairfield publishing House and is presently their editor. 4) Even before,[more..] Sok Zhi Wei RAFFLES JUNIOR COLLEGE 2003 - Raffles Institution Academic Excellence Award
 2003, 2005 - Exxon Mobil Academic Excellence Award
 2006 - Singapore Airlines Overseas Scholarship (Engineering)
 2010 - Harvard Universi...ty Summer School
 2012 - Cornell University Tuition Fellowship
 2012 - Imperial College Project Merit Prize[more..] Jesslyn NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE 
 I am a final year student pursuing a Double Degree in Law and Economics at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Previously in National Junior College Integrated ...Programme, I was awarded the Singapore Police Force Book Prize, Student of the Year (Junior High), Deans List (Secondary 3 and Secondary 4), A*STAR Science Award (Upper Secondary and Junior College), DSTA Junior College Scholarship etc. I really do enjoy writing, and notably, part of my written submission for the Asia Challenge 2020 Essay Writing Competition organised by TIME Magazine was featured in "Through the Eyes of Tiger Cubs: Views of Asia's Next Gen[more..] Wayne VICTORIA JUNIOR COLLEGE I have always had a strong interest in Mathematics and Sciences, frequently topping my class. Back in school, I frequently guide and tutor my friends and classmates in their work. I was in t...he Peer Mentoring programme for all subjects in JC 2, aimed for me to tutor and mentor my classmates that were not doing as well. Most notably, all of them got their Distinctions for both Physics and Mathematics. 
 I have been tutoring students in Physics and Mathematics for 2 years, and they have always been receiving great improvements in their results within the shortest period of time. I believe i can do the same for you.[more..] Jerald NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY Jerald has taught multiple students ranging from Primary School to Junior College, pulling up the grades of his students to an average of a for all subjects. He is proficient in the fi...eld of Mathematics & Science (Physics, Chemistry), attaining consistent As throughout his schooling stint. He is adept in Physics such that he is able to take H3 Physics in A levels, and scored Distinction for it. He is adept in the current curriculum as he has been teaching many students currently and recently, helping students score an average of a B+, from fail, for all 3 subjects. He is currently enrolled in NTU REP (prestigious engineering course) this year. His[more..] Leon NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE I have been tutoring since my undergraduate days for almost 10 years. I have been teaching mostly primary and secondary school students. I specialise in Mathematics (including E Maths a...nd A Maths), Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science and Principle of Accounts. I teach English and Chinese as well. I have tutored some seventy over students so far, both on a one-to-one setting and also at tuition centres (since 2009). Many of these students took my lessons all the way till their PSLE or O Levels. I also tutored three girls all from the same family for the past 7 years as well. One did well enough to be admitted into accounting&nb[more..] Yuanjian Cornell University I'm a Singaporean that graduated recently (2013) with a B.A. in physics (concentration in astrophysics) from an Ivy League Institution - Cornell University (NY 14850 , USA). Currently, I'm a physicist at the Singapore University of Technology and Design [List of Publications:] and I'm interested in working with students who have either difficulties or peculiar interest in learning mathematics or physics. I am committed towards development of a desire for a deeper understanding of the world around us especially in young students. For the past seven years, I have had the great pleasure[more..] Hset Min Htet NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY I am a Renaissance Engineering Programme Student pursuing a double degree in Master of Technology Management and a Bachelor Of Engineering (Mechanical) under a full scholarship by NTU. I have tutored ...JC2 student in Chemistry - the most feared A level subject. I had A1 or A in all of my Math, Science and Econ classes in O and A-level and my engineering background ensures my STEM concepts are still fresh. As for the teaching method, I believe in learning more than teaching. My style is not to directly load knowledge into students but guide them in helping them to learn key concepts that they can apply across the board. After all it is the in-depth understanding and knowledge of application, al[more..] Marvin NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY I am a full time tutor with a total of 6 years of experience of tutoring numerous students over the years, currently teaching IB/IGCSE Math and Sciences at tuition centre in town. Currently, I ...have 6 private students this year, in addition to those at the tuition centers. I teach subjects ranging from "O" level E/A Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, "A" Level H2 Mathematics, Chemistry to IGSCE/IB Mathematics and Chemistry. Improvements in the students grades vary, but I am happy to say that most of my students score at least a B3 in the subjects that they take for upper secondary and an assortment of Bs and As for Junior College. I believe that each student has hi[more..] Nicolette NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY I have taught one P6 student taking PSLE and one JC2 student taking A level. For the P6 student, I taught her Math and Science. Her math improved from a B when I first taught her to an A in PSLE.... For the JC2 student, I taught her H2 Economics, H2 Math and H2 Chemistry. I am currently holding on to the Nanyang Scholarship offered by NTU. Previously in National Junior College, I was Top in Physics in the cohort in J1 and in J2 I was awarded the Young Defence Scholarship Program Academic Award for Physics. I was also awarded the Pearson Medallion Award Medal in 2014 for Pearson Edexcel High Achiever Award in recognition of my performance in the Edexcel GCE Physics &am[more..]

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