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China MS mask company, halloween mask manufacturer
we custom made realistic latex mask, silicone mask, scary clown mask, hallowee mask, President donald trump mask, masquerade masks, animal masks, old man masks, old women masks, party mask etc, manufacturer directly. silicone mask companies
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Styles of Venetian Carnival Masks
commedia dell'arte masks
commedia dell'arte masks are based on traditional characters like harlequin. with its origins in renaissance italy (early 16th century) the commedia dell'arte was one of the earliest forms of theatre as we know it today, starting with street performers donning masks to draw attention to themselves
fantasy masks
fantasy masks are creations of the mask makers imagination, although they may be inspired by historical designs and are often elaborately decorated with fabrics and feathers.
traditional venetian masks
traditional venetian masks such as the white volto half-mask with its nose cover and its variant, the plague doctor's mask with its phallic beak. according to tradition, the beak was intended to protect the wearer from being infected by the plague.

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