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A Night at Estiatorio Milos NYC in food and drink by Tracy Kaler Estiatorio Milos NYC is a simple yet sophisticated dining experience.  I had no idea what to expect at Estiatorio Milos NYC, but the Greek restaurant was buzzing with patrons on a week night. Once I made my way through the sophisticated space to the famed fish bar – a collection of fresh seafood such as dorado, loup de mer, red snapper, and langoustines – I knew the type of evening that was ahead of me.The fish bar at Milos is worth the trip alone.Soon course after course filled the table and my stomach. There’s no doubt that this fish is some of the freshest you’ll find in the five boroughs, and the preparation of every dish is spot-on. But know that Milos is in the upper tier of New York City restaurants. The seafood is priced by the pound – expect to pay $50 and higher per pound. If your wallet is on the thin side, you might want to try the $32 prix-fixe lunch or the $42 pre and post-theater/late-night menu. Both steals, really.Langoustines ready to be cookedAlthough the restaurant is a pescatarian’s dream, the menu offers other Greek specialties including lamb chops, Greek salad, filet mignon, and Greek fried potatoes. The Milos Special, a signature starter containing no fish, but lightly fried‏ zucchini, eggplant, tzatziki and kefalograviera cheese, ended up being one of my favorite dishes of the evening. So even if seafood isn’t your taste, there are plenty of other delectable items to savor.Meat eaters will love the lamb chops at Milos.A night at Estiatorio Milos consists of more than an exquisite space, delicious food, and stellar service. What makes this restaurant one of a kind and unlike other New York City institutions of this caliber, is its regard for simplicity. The ingredients are high quality, and the food is the star. Nothing is on the plate that shouldn’t be, and many of the dishes contain only the main ingredient, salt, pepper, olive oil,  fresh herbs, and perhaps capers.Fresh herbs on our tableMilos may be mundane to some foodies, and certain reviews may reflect this. But make no mistake – this restaurant has been doing it successfully since its opening in 1997, and it’s all intentional. Every last detail is pre-planned and executed perfectly.  If you’re looking for some kind of nouveau menu with unusual ingredients and molecular gastronomy of sorts, this isn’t your place. But the Milos mantra happens to be my preferred style of food: pure, straightforward, letting the ingredients shine. And in the words of Milos, “Why interfere with what nature has already mastered?” Below, my favorite dishes from Estiatorio Milos NYC.Honjake Salmon, Fresno chili, shallot, cilantro (I could eat this dish every day of my life, it was that good.)The Milos Special was not only tasty but came in this beautiful, layered presentation.A classic, the Greek Salad: Vine-ripened tomatoes, red onions, olive oil, Greek olives, and barrel-aged fetaMediterranean Grilled Octopus: so tender.Melt-in-your-mouth grilled Dorado Royale, filleted table-side: Capers, olive oil, fresh herbs. Perfection! Estiatorio Milos NYC 125 W 55th St New York, NY 10019  212-245-7400  estiatoriomilos.comThere’s now a Milos in Hudson Yards, and the original location is in Montreal, one of my favorite cities and a food capital!Also, where to go for good seafood in NYC. Plus, Greek food galore at the James Beard House, one of New York’s most unique dining and event venues. Plus, Astoria offers some of the city’s best Greek food.Posted on September 26, 2019

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