Akhmed Bilalov
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No objective reasons were stated for the detention of Akhmed Bilalov Russia | by AKhmed Bilalov | Aug, 2020 | Medium —

No objective reasons were stated for the detention of Akhmed Bilalov Russia The news about the detention of the vice-president of the Akhmed Bilalov Russian Olympic Committee and a former member of the international activities of the Russian Olympic Committee were spread around the world media very fast. Neither the American nor the Russian side provided any adequate information on the reasons for the detention of Bilalov. All media covering the situation wrote that the objective reason for the detention of the Russian politician is unknown. Interpol spokesman stated that she also had no information about the detention of Mr. Bilalov.Akhmed Bilalov is a well-known Russian businessman, politician, and a figure of international importance. In October 2019, he was taken into custody in Florida by an officer of the US Customs and Immigration Service under the US Department of Homeland Security.In 2008, he became a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Sports in Russia and in December 2009 was appointed First Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Olympic Committee. In 2011, on the personal order of Vladimir Putin, who at that time was the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Bilalov was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Resorts of the North Caucasus”.Soon after, Bilalov resigned as a vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee. Two months later, Russian prosecutors opened a criminal case against him in connection with alleged misuse of funds intended for developing tourism resorts and over-claiming expenses for a visit to London. Russian state news agencies reported that the case against Bilalov remained open and that he was on a wanted list.In particular, the accusations were about the trip to London, where the amount of 3 million rubles was spent. In August 2012, Bilalov, while holding the post of vice-president of the Russian Olympic Committee, flew to London on a private jet to present the project of the North Caucasus Resorts tourism cluster, which took place as part of the Summer Olympic Games in London. At the presentation of the project in the capital of Great Britain, members of the Russian Olympic team, representatives of the international Olympic movement, also high-ranking people were present. Interestingly to mention is there were a few more officials on the same plane but they were not accused of such activities.The fact that the detention of Bilalov in Miami was a well-planned and well-developed action is proven by the fact that already 40 minutes after his detention, world news channels exploded with almost identical articles. It was a pre-agreed and paid placement of a customized release in the media.By order of the federal judge, Akhmed Bilalov was released from custody and all the charges against him in America were dropped. Based on the same facts, Bilalov was removed from the lists of wanted by Interpol.

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