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5 reasons to Dance until Dawn - Because we fly — travelwithjen.co

I dance at River City Ballroom, Westend Brisbane. Its therapy and good for many reasons like…. Dancing Dancing has a way of taking your cares away. Anyone can dance and there is a dancer in all of us… Hear a song and we naturally want to move and smile with it.But not only does it feel good for the soul, dancing also has some major health perks. Research shows dancing can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness. Several benefits include: It’s fun Can be a Social activity to meet like-minded peopleKeeps your Brain sharpImproves your balanceYou don’t need a lot of equipment unless you want to perform The studio offers private and group lessons as well as a supper dance once a month. There is also a Gala Ball twice a year.  The scene is set at the Ball with a three-course meal and entertainment provided by both teachers and students in choreographed routines.  How Health and Wellness are intertwined To perform at the Ball training begins intensely 6 months prior. I was becoming heavily involved in practising the choreography organised by my teacher. I chose Argentine Tango as the dance I would like to perform, the dress was made and my music piece was ready.Suddenly everything came to a halt with an overuse injury that just didn’t like the pressure on my legs. Its called ITB syndrome. A band running down the side of the leg that becomes inflamed and tight. With terrible pain forcing me awake at night, a pain that required stretching, massage and rest. The physiotherapist informed me no walking or dancing for a while. Well, that was the end of that. It takes time and the time it took was 8 months. Advice to me was to increase my Pilates.The sooner I built up other muscle groups the sooner that would support my return to dancing. So the plan is to dance in the next Gala Ball in November 12months later than was originally thought. The image within the blog was taken at latest Gala Ball May 2018.Featured image by Shutterstock.

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