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Yep. This is a magical mix of rich, roasted brew and sweet, melty ice cream. I am delighted by the way the two components balance one another to create a perfect taste experience. This recipe hits the spot on hot summer days. I use Dandy Blend instead of coffee (it is DELICIOUS and caffeine-free), but you do you, babe. If real coffee is your preference, use real coffee. Dandy Blend is not sponsoring this post and - sad face - they've never even gotten in touch with me about working together. (HINT HINT DANDY, PLZ EMAIL ME!!) I am simply a big fan of their product.  In other news, I have some recommendations! I do not know if any who reads my blog even cares, but I can't help sharing what I've been loving.  - Grilled sandwiches with lots of vegan cheese, meat, mayo and greens - Metta (aka Loving-Kindness) meditations, lets me be my higher self - Slowing down my mornings, really enjoying the smell of my tea and the way the sun light hits my floor That's it for now, darlings. Talk soon! x //ICED LATTE & VANILLA ICE CREAM FLOAT Serves 1. Print the recipe. 1-2 scoops vegan vanilla ice cream (I use Coconut Bliss) 1 cup water 1/4 cup vegan milk (I prefer homemade, or Barista-quality soy milk) 1 1/2 teaspoons Dandy Blend 1 teaspoon maple syrup 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 ice cubes Blend or whisk together the water, Dandy Blend, milk, maple syrup and vanilla extract until smooth (I use an electric latte whisk and it makes a wonderful foam). You can use any temperature water at this point; just make sure the mixture is room temperature or colder when you use it in the next step.Put the ice cubes in a glass, then pour in your Dandy Blend mixture. Scoop the ice cream on top, and enjoy! Best to drink before the ice cubes melt.

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