In CircleMe every user can become an ambassador for any interest, helping other Circlers to discover interesting and relevant content.

We realize though that many of our users are actually really passionate about a specific topic and so we want to give them the opportunity to get involved in our project first-hand so that many users of our platform can benefit from the curator's interests and topic knowledge and socialize in the meantime with people sharing similar tastes.


Any user of CircleMe can become a curator. They just have to submit a request, with a little motivation for wanting to curate a specific interest. Curators in CircleMe commit towards the community to add relevant content on a periodical basis. The benefit of curating the interest allows the Circler to become the point of contact and coordinator of the communication around one specific interest. All content suggested by the curator will then be distributed to thousands of users around the globe that share that same interest, or even related ones.


  • You will easily identify which one is a curated interest, through a special label. If you find a passion without this label, feel free to apply for it!
    curated item icon
  • Our curators will show a badge next to their avatars. If you mouse over it, you'll be able to see also which interests they are curating.
    curator icon

  • Becoming Curator

  • Choose the interest you'd like to curate and contact our team (by filling the form below)
  • Once assigned to the interest as curator, you can start enriching it with great content.
  • Do not worry, we will send you a short e-guide on how to be an awesome Curator.


    Interested in becoming the curator of one specific interest you feel you care about? Great! Fill this simple form below, requesting the item(s) you'd like to curate and our staff will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Note: you will be able to curate a maximum of 5 interests concurrently

    Sign in to become one of the CircleMe curators

    If you are a business, or would like to curate more than 5 interests concurrently, please reach out to our team at to learn about our premium offers.

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